1. How much are we blocked on the internet?

    “Cyber Citizens are Gathering” Meeting held by Kaos GL with the purpose of establishing a network regarding internet freedom started with the “Internet Legislation in Turkey and LGBTI’s” draft report presentation of Yasemin Öz.

  2. The AKP’s LGBTI history from 2001 to 2015

    Here is the LGBTI history of the AKP from 2001-2015.

  3. Kaos GL’s speech at Hrant Dink Award ceremony

    Full speech of Ali Erol on behalf of Kaos GL at the International Hrant Dink Award Ceremony:

  1. Hrant Dink Award goes to Kaos GL and Badawi

    The 2015 International Hrant Dink Award goes to Kaos GL from Turkey and Samar Badawi from Saudi Arabia.

  2. Ankara memorial for Boysan, Zeliþ and Mert

    A dinner will be held at Kaos GL Association in memory of our Boysan, Zeliþ, and Mert who we lost in a traffic accident, on Saturday, 12 September at 18:00.

  3. Istanbul memorial for Boysan, Zeliþ and Mert

    An Istanbul memorial for Boysan Yakar, Mert Serçe and Zeliþ Deniz will be held on 13-14 September.



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