1. Lots of guns but no trans!

    Helin wrote about her “adventure with the military” for Kaos GL Magazine’s 117th issue (March – April 2011) titled “Militarism.”

  2. The reality of gay Armenians and our collective shame

    Kyle Khandikian wrote about the place of gay Armenians within a culture of collective shame on the Armenian Chronicles.

  3. Turkish PM Erdogan insulted Armenians!

    "I was called a Georgian. I apologize for this, but they even said [something] worse: They called me an Armenian. But I’m a Turk" the Turkish PM said on a TV show yesterday.

  1. Turkey’s pro-government LGBTIs take the stage for the first time

    Will Erdogan, who carefully avoided any demands of the LGBTI organizations, other political parties and the EU, feel any pressure by his LGBTI voters to address the LGBTI issue?

  2. Turkey’s Presidential candidate: The existence of LGBTI is perceived as a crime

    Turkey’s Presidential candidate Selahattin Demirtas: The ‘call for a new life’ is for sexual freedom in society.

  3. The first pride parade in Dersim: Hate Crime Law should protect LGBTI people, too!

    The 1st LGBTI Pride Parade in the eastern city of Dersim took place on Saturday as part of the 14th Munzur Culture and Nature Festival.



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