1. Kaos GL and Pembe Hayat complaint calling for massacring LGBTs

    Kaos GL and Pembe Hayat complaint against posters and online statements calling for massacring LGBTS

  2. Queer-feminist and anti-fascist organization: Zagreb Pride

    We start series of interview with LGBT organizations from world. Our first guest is Zagreb Pride. Marko Jurčić from Zagreb Pride answered our questions.

  3. Official complaint for the Massacre Call

    Kaos GL and Pink Life Associations invite everyone, against attackers of LGBT right to live, for official complaint about Young Islamic Defense group and its website tomorrow, at 11 a.m in Ankara Courthouse. Associations calls for solidarity of everyone against attacker of LGBT right to live.

  1. There is still no justice for Ahmet Yýldýz on 20th trial

    Justice for Ahmet Yýldýz has not come on 20th trial too. While father, the murderer, has not been found, trial was postphoned on November 26.

  2. The AKP’s hate politics has turned into a massacre call

    Hate discourse against LGBTI reflected on street. A group, naming themselves as “Young Islamic Defense”, hashanged posters in Ankara streets, wanting LGBTI massacred.

  3. LGBTI organizations wanted state officers to be on trial

    After police attacks on Pride March, LGBTI organizations demanded Secretary of State for Home Affairs, Governor of Province and Police Commissioner to be on trial with charge of torment, abusive way of duty and violation of right for March.



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