1. The website ‘I Have Been Discriminated Against’ is online

    The “I Have Been Discriminated Against” website, where those who have been subjected to discrimination can seek assistance, is now online.

  2. Murathan Mungan: They wanted to kill the language of peace

    On the 8th anniversary of Hrant Dink’s assassination, poet and playwright Murathan Mungan spoke to the crowd gathered for the commemoration ceremony yesterday.

  3. Social work experts: The fight against anti-LGBTI discrimination is our responsibility!

    Social Workers Association: “We are deeply concerned that we lack a social policy aimed at fighting anti-LGBTI discrimination.”

  1. LGBTI News Turkey looking for new volunteers to translation project

    The current volunteers of LGBTI News Turkey told kaosGL.org the story behind LGBTI News Turkey and their goals.

  2. Turkey’s only queer film festival to kick off for the 4th time

    Festival director Bilge Tas has a lot of experience organizing film festivals but she says making a queer film festival real is much more difficult.

  3. Civil society organizations: “LGBTI-only prison means institutionalizing discrimination!”

    Civil society organizations has stated that “LGBTI-only prison is the institutionalization of discrimination by the state” and reminded that mistreatment, molestation and rape are committed by prison personnel.



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