1. Open letter to homophobic university from a gay student

    “The school that I was studying and trying to live in ignored my existence by not allowing this panel”

  2. Commission on the Status of Women completed its 60th session

    The 60th session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women took place in New York.

  3. Turkish municipality giving LGBTI seminars at schools

    In Turkey, a municipality have been conducting seminars at schools, addressing gender and LGBTI issues. The effects are clear in the words of a student.

  1. It is not wise to exclude LGBTIs from the draft against discrimination

    CHP Deputy Candan Yüceer talked about the Human Rights and Equality Committee Law Draft in parliament.

  2. Are the claims that LGBTI prison is being built true?

    The statements of LGBTI prisoners, saying the building of the LGBTI is going on, led PM Bedia Özgökçe Ertan to take action.

  3. Kaos GL met EU officials

    Murat Köylü from Kaos GL met European Commission and European Parliament officials.



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