1. Kaos GL: We are with the academics who call for peace

    Kaos GL has made a statement of solidarity with the Academics for Peace who have been called “crappy so-called academics” by Erdoðan.

  2. ‘Unnatural sexual activities’ according to Supreme Court

    According to a judgment by Supreme Court in 2014, apart from “a sexual intercourse by the connection of a man and woman’s genitals”, all other sexual intercourse types are identified as unnatural.

  3. Prosecution rejects complaint against calling for massacring LGBTI’s

    The prosecution has given decision of non-prosecution as to banners targeting LGBTI written “If you see anyone doing the dirty work of the people of Lut, kill both perpetrator and affected” on Ankara streets.

  1. Gay referee wins lawsuit, court penalized discrimination

    Gay referee Halil Ýbrahim Dinçdað won a lawsuit against the Turkish Football Federation.

  2. Facebook is a predator of freedom of speech in Turkey

    Facebook is a predator of freedom of speech in Turkey (unless you’re a gay-bashing ultra-nationalist hatemonger)

  3. “Psychiatrists should create safe environment for children”

    Symposium against Discrimination which is dedicated to Psychologist Mahmut Þefik Nil as one of the founders of Kaos GL Associations, ended with the presentation of Dr. Koray Baþar.



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