1. A trans woman in Ýstanbul has been stabbed in the back

    A trans woman in Tarlabaţý, Istanbul, has been stabbed in the back; the police didn’t intervene.

  2. Karin Karakasli: The LGBTI Movement has the potential to bring freedom for everyone

    "Meeting with LGBTIs, getting in touch with their movement is a liberating experience itself."

  3. Cingene Gul, trans woman, murdered in Istanbul

    Cingene Gul, a trans woman, was found dead in her Istanbul apartment on October 9.

  1. New publication by the Counselling Centre for Transgender People Association

    T-Der, the Counselling Centre for Transgender People Association, published a new study on transgender individuals’ experiences in Turkey.

  2. Two white lilies in the midst of blue: Ekin and Emrullah

    This is the story of a gay couple who recently wed in Istanbul in an alternative ceremony not officially recognized by the government.

  3. Turkey after Gezi: An Interview with Simten Cosar

    As developments in Turkey continue to take shape in the aftermath of Gezi and Erdogan’s Presidential election, Gulden Ozcan interviews Kaos GL Advisory Board Member Simten Cosar about these turbulent times.



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