1. “Lesbian players face pressure from their coaches about social media”

    “Women players with short hair are not really preferred in the national team unless they are indispensible. Coaches do not want their lesbian players to have a girlfriend from an opposing team.”

  2. “Safety itself may well be a threat”

    Susanne Luhmann at the Kaos GL’s Anti-Homophobia Meeting: “It is the role of activists to disturb peace.”

  3. Let’s meet at the 10th International Anti-Homophobia Meeting!

    The program for the Kaos GL Association’s 10th International Anti-Homophobia Meeting has been announced.

  1. IDAHOT: LGBTIs face countless problems in Turkey

    May 17th, the day homosexuality was removed from the classification “illness”, has come to be celebrated since 2004 as the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia.

  2. Two transphobic attacks in Istanbul

    On Tuesday night, 12 May 2015, 2 trans women sex workers were attacked in different districts in Istanbul (Findikzade and Bagdat Boulevard).

  3. Advisor to the Sisli Mayor to work with LGBTI organizations in the USA

    Istanbul’s Sisli Municipality Mayor’s Advisor Boysan Yakar has been accepted to an exchange program with two LGBTI organizations in the USA.



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