1. Turkey to elect new President: Will LGBTI rights make it to the Presidential palace?

    Especially after LGBTI candidates did not succeed in local elections held in March, the stance of new President on homophobia and transphobia seems to be more important.

  2. Turkish court: How did trans person disturb you?

    Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs is sued for indemnity after penalty fines for “disturbance” given to a sex worker, T.T., were repealed.

  3. Homophobic hate attack against activists in Turkey!

    4 LGBTI activists were attacked last night in the southern city of Adana.

  1. “I cannot even go to the funeral of the person I love”

    The girlfriend of a trans teen who ended his life in the western city of Izmir yesterday wrote about the family pressure that resulted in the suicide

  2. On the suicide of a trans teen: The “normal” is the perpetrator!

    Following the suicide of a 17-year-old trans teen in Izmir yesterday, LGBTI organizations in Turkey made a press statement.

  3. 17-year-old trans teen commits suicide in Turkey

    A 17-year-old trans teen named Okyanus Efe Ozyavuz committed suicide in the western city of Izmir yesterday.



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