1. Trans woman prevented from entering The Turkish Parliament

    Trans woman prevented from entering The Turkish Parliament: "If you have a blue ID card, you are a man!"

  2. “Turns out I had to pay off the state to be a whore”

    “It turns out that in order to be a whore in this country, I had to pay money to the state within the framework of the Law of Misdemeanors, grease the palms of the mafia as well as the police and at times, sleep with people for free.”

  3. Protest march in Belgrade after a violent attack

    A German participant of the conference “The future belongs to us. LGBT rights on the road to the European Union” held in Belgrade on September 12-13 was attacked by hooligans.

  1. Kaos GL announced its international events!

    Symposium against Discrimination in December will be followed by International Feminist Forum in March and International Anti-Homophobia Meeting in May.

  2. Kaos GL: Let’s celebrate our 20 years together!

    Kaos GL will turn 20 on September 20. The liberation struggle that started in 1994 in Ankara with Kaos GL Magazine will be celebrated 20 years later again in Ankara.

  3. Detention extended for men accused of “debauchery” in Egypt

    The first trial for the men arrested in Cairo following a viral same-sex wedding video took place on Tuesday.



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