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Chile revoked law against blood donation for gays

Tuesday, May 29, 2012
On May 25th, the Chilean government announced that it would render a rule that prevented homosexuals from donating blood and also expand the coverage of sex change operations in public hospitals.
Chilean health minister, Jaime Mañalich, made the announcement after meeting with representatives from the Movement for Queer Integration and Liberation (Movilh), one of the most influential and representative LGBT groups in the country.
“We were informed that discrimination against gay men in the country’s blood banks was high due to a ministerial rule adopted back in 2000”, minister Mañalich stated.  The standard questioning required specific information about the sexual activity of donors, and men who had sex with men were automatically disqualified.
The ministry has already prepared a new regulation that will prohibit asking the sexual orientation of the donor during the interview, which could take effect as early as in July. “This rule will be in agreement with the recently approved antidiscrimination law, which was approved after the hate killing of the young gay man Daniel Zamudio”, the minister stated.
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