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Belgrade Lesbian Festival: Art for Action

Monday, November 12, 2012
The annual lesbian festival in Belgrade opened its doors to speeches and workshops on lesbian art, feminism, anti-militarism, women’s role in family, religion and education.
“Lesbian Activist Festival: Art For Action 5" was held between November 1-3 in Belgrade. On November 1st, the screening of "Audre Lorde – The Berlin Years 1984 to 1992" documentary movie about starting years of creating the Afro-German feminist and lesbian movement in Germany was held. The movie tackled in particular facing the racism of white German feminists. The screening was followed by the documentary movie "Relations: 25 Years of the Lesbian Group Škuc-LL Ljubljana". This was followed by a panel discussion “Let’s Create Resistance” where speakers from anti-militarist feminists, Roma rights advocates and lesbians came together.
On November 2nd, lesbian regional "Chill Out" panel included self-support ideas among lesbian societies and organizations, sharing the experiences about reaching the "female autonomy" inside religion, family members, education system and other contexts where lesbians need to resist or fight for their opinion. Then the participants had a presentation on lesbian existence in Bosnia Herzegovina where LGBT rights have less visibility among all the region of ex Yugoslavia. Additionally there was a discussion on lesbian radical and separatist feminism.

In the evening program, “Poetry and Text Readings: Remember the Resistance” workshop took place where 2 hours stage reading of the thoughts, FB statuses, SMS messages, poems, speeches took place. As a reaction of resistance, the event had different guests who were reading on women with disabilities love songs, lesbian erotica, feminist speeches, women going out from violence statements, political reactions on daily life in Serbia, commemorative texts about lost people in wars or long suffering in cancer. The participants gathered spirits and found the way to connect with most different women. The Roma women read out their manifest.
On the last day of November, a workshop was held on handmade contemporary art, feminism and veganism and vegan kitchen.
The event was finalized with a concert of different female and lesbian musicians who are trying to move borders with their text or experimental music. This year’s festival was dedicated to the punk band Pussy Riot and support for freedom of feminist art and speech. 


Belgrade Lesbian Festival: Art for Action

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