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“Pride Parade” for the Festival On Wheels

Tuesday, December 4, 2012
The 18th Festival On Wheels invites you to 2010 Gay Pride Parade in Serbia with a comedy – Parada –, a co-production of Serbia, Crotia, Macedonia and Slovenia. Scheduled for 30th November – 6th December in Ankara and 7-10th December in the Black Sea city of Sinop, the festival welcomes the audience in Kızılay Büyülü Fener Theater and the Goethe Institute in Ankara and in Deniz Theatre in Sinop.  
The movie Parada tells the story of 2010 Belgrade’s Gay Pride in a funny way. That year the parade was organized under the threats of estimated number of 6000 hooligans, of which only 250 were arrested by the police. In the movie gays will be protected against nationalists and neo-Nazis but this time by a different group: Serbian, Muslim, Bosnian, Kosovan Albanian and Crotian war veterans.
After the cancellation of 2009 Belgrade parade, pressure from the international community opened the way for the parade in 2010. However, widespread hate speech before the parade was left unpunished. Screening of the movie in Ermenia this year was cancelled after some controversies, too.
Kaos GL Association invites all cinema goers against homophobia and transphobia for the screening of Parada on Wednesday at 21.00.
Parada will be screened both on Tuesday and Wednesday at 21.00 in Büyülü Fener Hall 3.

Adress: Meşrutiyet Caddesi, Hatay Sokak, No:18. 

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