Trans Woman Murdered in İstanbul!

Monday, December 24, 2012
A trans woman, whose name has not been announced so far, was murdered as a result of a hate crime on 15 December 2012 in Beylikdüzü, İstanbul. Authorities launched an investigation.
Sebahat Tuncel mentioned about the murdered trans woman in her speech in Symposium Against Discriminations. Tuncel emphasized the importance of fighting against hate crimes altogether.
Kaos GL released a condemnation of the murder, which was committed on the Human Rights Week and during the Symposium Against Discrimination.
“We are deeply sorry to hear the commitment of a hate crime against a trans woman. Unless LGBTs would have been provided with necessary legal protection, torture, ill-treatment and violation of right to live will increasingly be exposed to them. We call authorities for duty. Absence of legal protection will encourage the perpetrators and violation of fundamental rights of LGBTs will continue.”

Translation: Engin Bayram 

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