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Turkey: Revoking Same-Sex Adoptions

Tuesday, May 7, 2013
Thinking of adopting a child? From a non-Muslim background?  
Thinking of adopting a child? From a non-Muslim background?  Several European countries adopted Turkish children and now the Turkish government is demanding that they be placed with different families.
W3JOY interviewed Nevin Öztop from Kaos GL (Turkey’s oldest LGBT organisation) about the Turkish government attempting to revoke some-sex adoption in the Netherlands. And she was angry:
“Our Prime Minister is going to another country and trying to ruin the lives of gay and lesbians outside of our country.”
She also told us how the Turkish media is trying to “manipulate” the situation so that it looks like this lesbian couple in the Netherlands took over this child without the permission of the parents.
Turkey appears full of inconsistencies in its LGBT policy. On the one hand, Turkey holds the highest numbers of hate crimes in the European Council each year. Someone can be fired from their workplace if their employer decides they are going against LGBT morality.
On the other hand, homosexuality is legal –rare in a Muslim-majority  country.

Still, Nevin Öztop tells W3JOY that secondary laws are being used to punish the LGBT community, “…like the public morality, like obscenity, like jeopardising the peace…these articles can be used easily to punish LGBT people.” 

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