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Workshops against Psychological-Psychiatric Homophobia

Monday, September 30, 2013
Kaos GL is going to organize workshops for specialists and interested students who offer consulting service for applications on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.
Kaos GL Association is going to organize a range of workshops in Ankara for interested and specialist students who accept individual applications on the subjects of sexual orientation and gender identity and offer/will offer consulting service in these subjects.
Workshops, which will be held a weekend a month between October 2013 and May 2014, consist of a program of 9 classes.
Subjects to be discussed in Workshops
Workshops are going to be held by the Members of Kaos GL Council, psychologists, psychiatrists, social service experts, pedagogues, and public health specialists. Some of the subjects to be dealt with in workshops are:
“Sexuality and sexualities”
“Notions about sexual orientation and gender identity”
“Sexual identity: Would it catch a disease?”
“Homophobia/Transphobia: dealing with discrimination and exclusion”
“Development process of sexual orientation and coming out”
“Development of transgender identity and transition process”
“Coming out and working with family”
“Working with gender nonconforming children”
“Sexually transmitted diseases, protection, and handling”
Who can attend workshops?
Experts, assistants, nurses, and psychologists in psychiatry, clinical psychology students, child psychiatrists, pedagogues, psychological counseling and guidance experts and educators, social service experts can apply for attendance. 
Application Deadline
October 7, 2013
Participants are going to be made a notice on 9 October, Wednesday.
For your applications and questions you can send an e-mail to
Kaos Culture Center
Date of workshops to take place in Kaos Culture Center will be announced later.
GMK Bulvarı, 29/12, Demirtepe-Ankara
0312 230 0358/16
Translation: Müge Yerdenler 
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