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“Family Matters”: ILGA-Europe’s annual conference starts tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013
Between October 23-27, LGBT organizations from all across Europe will gather in Zagreb to select its next Board and debate on various prominent matters.  
With the theme “Family Matters! Reaching out to hearts and minds”, 17th ILGA-Europe Conference will take place in Zagreb, Croatia. With the participation of LGBT organizations from the Council of Europe countries, the meeting will take place between October 23-27, 2013.
Member organizations will elect the new Board as well as debating on the “Family Matters” theme with panels and discussions. Workshops will also take place primarily on trade unions, surrogacy, pathologization of LGBTI identities, strategic litigation and next EU elections.
Additionally, EU Parliamentarians and LGBT Intergroup Co-Presidents Ulrike Lunacek and Michael Cashman will be the guests of honour of the conference.
Kaos GL’s representative Nevin Öztop will be meeting representatives from the European Commission Enlargement Unit.
Öztop will also be moderating a panel on Saturday morning on “Review of ILGA-Europe’s Work on Strategic Litigation”. Activists Tamas Dombos from Hatter in Hungary, Yuri Guiana from Certi Diritti in Italy and Nigel Warner from ILGA-Europe will be the panelists.
Activists from organisations working on strategic litigation or who want to work on strategic litigation will gather at this workshop.  
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