Digital attack on Azerbaijan’s Nefes LGBT Alliance: We will kill you all

Monday, August 25, 2014
The official website of Nefes LGBT Alliance in Azerbaijan was hacked on Friday. After the digital attack, welcomes its visitors with the following hate message: “There is no place for you in Azerbaijan. We will kill you all.”
The president of Nefes LGBT Alliance, Atilla Javid Nabiyev, says that they will make an official complaint about the attack tomorrow. Nabiyev told that digital threats have escalated after the country’s first ever LGBT forum was held on July 23:
“After the forum, an LGBT activist of ours was blackmailed through Facebook, like ‘we will send the video footage to your father’... Following that his/her mother attempted to burn him/her. And now the hacking makes us feel anxious very much.”
Azerbaijani police: I cannot take action about LGBTs
Getting threats himself, Nabiyev emphasizes that Azerbaijani police does not take online homophobic and transphobic threats seriously:
“I went to the police many times as I was threatened through Facebook. But they always said things like ‘we do not deal with internet security’ or ‘I cannot take action about LGBTs’. Therefore, we do not expect much from this case, either.”  
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