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Same-sex couple threatened to death after engagement in Azerbaijan

Thursday, September 25, 2014
A newly engaged same-sex couple in Azerbaijan has become the target of homophobic violence.
The president of Nafas LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance, Javid Atilla Nabiyev, and his boyfriend M.A. got engaged yesterday. A number of news portals and TV channels shared a photo from the engagement ceremony without any permission, putting the couple at risk.
Threats from the neighborhood, jail by the family!
Following insults and death threats, Nabiyev decided to deactivate his Facebook account and he cannot go out in public because of potential attacks. Even a few people from his neighborhood threatened him that they will talk about his sexual orientation to embarrass him.
On the other hand, Nabiyev’s boyfriend, M.A., is being held by his family. He has not contacted the police so far as there are concerns over his security. “Do not contact me anymore, it’s over” – are the words that M.A. is likely to have been forced to tell his fiancé. M.A. had been subjected to violence by his family in August. His mother tried to burn him alive, pouring gasoline on him. 
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