4th International Feminist Forum: Queer and feminist alliance in politics

Thursday, February 5, 2015
Kaos GL Association calls for the 4th International Feminist Forum on March 14-15. This year’s forum will discuss women’s and LGBTs’ participation and representation in politics.
The International Feminist Forum held by Kaos GL Association provides a space to discuss the organizational and ideological connections between feminists and LGBTs.
This year’s forum calls for feminist formations to delve into questions such as “What is politics?”, “What does women’s in general, LGBTs’ in particular participation and representation in politics stand for?”, “How does queer and feminist alliance cooperate in struggling against heterosexism within the male-dominated socio-political structures?” and “How does women’s publishing experience play a role in the transformation of the patriarchal and heterosexist system?”
How did it go so far?
Having organized Feminist Forum as part of the International Anti-Homophobia Meeting since 2006, Kaos GL has turned it to an international event in 2012. It is organized in cooperation with the feminist movement over a particular theme each year, involving in the creation of a collective discursive stance in facing with sexism and heteronormativity.
In the 1st International Feminist Forum, Kaos GL aimed at discussing how the feminist movements are locating themselves in political structures which are rapidly getting conservative, how they locate themselves at where they are located and how they interact with conservative decision-making mechanisms.
In the 2nd International Feminist Forum in 2013, Kaos GL came up with a feminist stance against the marginalization of feminism. In other words, it claimed that “while politics are squeezed in between liberalism and conservatism in Turkey and in general globally, it is possible to structure our search for rights through feminism. Our goal is to search for remedies of living together neither without our identities nor while being locked up in them.”  
In the 3rd International Feminist Forum last year, Kaos GL aimed at offering a platform for the reassessment of the current state of feminist struggle, the historical-social context in which it has grown, worked, and been limited, the attempts to dissolve feminism in male-dominated socio-political structures, and finally, where and how counter feminist stances against these restrictive contexts and structures are, can and will be forged. In so doing it asked “If personal is political” what does the feminist politics stand for?
For your questions, please e-mail to ezgi.kocak@kaosgl.org
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