Extremist paper targets high school students as “perverts”

Friday, February 6, 2015
Extremist paper Vahdet targeted high school LGBTI initiative “Liseli LGBTI”, which will join an education demonstration and a boycott.
Vahdet’s headline: Scandal at high school! - Perverts target high school students
Vahdet (Unity) was founded in December 2014 by some of the journalists who left Yeni Akit, another extremist newspaper infamous for its hate speech against minorities. The news article by Osman Yigit had the following statements about the group:
“Sexually perverse circles, which are supported by CHP and HDP [the opposition parties supporting LGBTI rights], are trying to promote their immorality among youth. Perverts, who founded a group called ‘Liseli LGBTI’ are seeking to expand their scope by inviting students to picnics, excursions and perverse movie screenings.”
The article also claimed that citizens demand LGBTIs not be allowed in schools.
Last month, Vahdet targeted Kaos GL Association for supporting an Amnesty International campaign to stop tear gas supply to Turkey.
High school students against oppressive education system
“Liseli LGBTI” will join a demonstration on February 8 and a boycott on February 13 following the decisions of the 19th National Education Council in December not to expand Alawism in religious textbooks and to start the religion courses from the first grade.
The high school initiative criticizes the Council’s decisions for bringing a “values education”, which would supposedly bring about a more oppressive education system for LGBTI students.    
The Council’s decisions are presented as recommendations to the Ministry of National Education.  
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