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Lesbian basketball player: Fenerbahce made me lie

Thursday, April 2, 2015
American basketball player Angel McCoughtry announced on Instragram that she was threatened by Turkish team Fenerbahce because of her sexuality. She shared what she has been through with
Ex-star of Fenerbahce Women’s Basketball Team “the Queens of the Hoop”, Angel McCoughtry, shared a picture on Instagram, declaring that the team threatened her job if she didn’t write a fake letter on social media saying her relationship with Brande Elise was a lie.
Olympic gold medalists told how she faced homophobia in Fenerbahce that she played for between 2010 and 2015.
“Isfendiyar Zukfikari called me a ‘fool’”
The American basketball player explained that the problem with Fenerbahce started when daily Hurriyet published a news article about McCoughtry’s engagement with her girlfriend.
“They made me write that Brande is not my girlfriend and that we would sue Hurriyet or my contract was over. Isfendiyar Zulfikari [Women’s Basketball Branch Deputy President] called me a ‘fool’. I wrote the stupid letter because I was worried about my job. But after writing I was so upset I write this.”
“I have all proofs”
“I should never have to lie about my private life” said McCoughtry, adding that Fenerbahce has not been honest to its fans:
“They stopped paying me afterwards. And I knew I had to go. Me and Brande were very uncomfortable. They also bring another player without telling. And they lied and told newspaper I left Fener and they had all fans upset with me until I told everyone the truth. I have all proofs of them forcing me to do this.”
“They left me by myself in a big lie”
She underlined that she did not have any problems with her teammates but was upset for not getting support from the administration.
“Team was always great. [Deputy] President said he wants me out! Just because I was in paper. I was upset I never got any support from them. They didn’t even take up for me for newspaper. They left me by myself in a big lie. Then when they stop to pay me I said I will not practice because they never treat me fair. Then they kick me out and lie and say I left team. All lies. I worked hard 5 years for the club.”
“I will sue Fenerbahce”
McCoughtry asked Fenerbahce to respect privacy of its players and said she will sue the team:
“They need to start treating their players with more respect and stay out of people’s private life.”
“I will sue [Fenerbahce] because I’m not working because of this behavior. They were late in pay so I terminated [the contract] after they kicked me off team. We would sue to go home away from these behaviors and that everyone would find out the truth.”
Kaos GL sends support message to McCoughtry
Following the player’s Instagram post, Kaos GL Association sent a picture to McCoughtry which got the following message from her:
“Awewww thank u soooo much for this. I was very hurt to be put through that. And I’m glad to know we have support.” 
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