Azerbaijan: Website for LGBTs and their families launched

Thursday, April 9, 2015
AZAD LGBT in Azerbaijan launched its websites to make the information on sexual orientation and gender identity available, and to create an archive.
The organization of Isa Sahmarli, a gay activist who ended his life last year leaving a note “This world is not strong enough to bear my colors”, aims to become a trustworthy source of information for LGBT people and their families.  
The website of AZAD LGBT includes LGBT news from Azerbaijan, campaigns of the organization, presentations on LGBT issues and contacts for other LGBT organization in the country.
“Ignorance is the biggest reason of homophobic attitudes”
Rather than trying to adapt Western style projects to Azerbaijan, the organization asks: “What will work with Azerbaijan’s reality?” Lala Mahmudova from AZAD LGBT told the importance of launching the website:
“People in Azerbaijan know so little about LGBT people and their rights. That -ignorance- is the biggest reason of homophobic attitudes. We’ve created an archive out of all the online articles on LGBT and we’ll keep doing that. Our aim is to include more information on LGBTs.”  
"Love is love"
“We want to support LGBTs and their families”
Mahmudova stated that they decided to work on the website as there were no similar websites in Azerbaijan:
“We want to answer people who have questions on LGBT. We searched a lot, we taught ourselves, we put up all the valuable information including LGBT reports specific to Azerbaijan. The website also includes teaching materials on LGBT. Anyone who wants to make a research or teach can make use of these materials. Our long-term aim is to turn the website into a social support system that LGBTs and their families can benefit from.”
You can contact or contribute to AZAD LGBT via 
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