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Turkey: LGBTIs joined May Day demonstrations in 25 cities

Thursday, May 7, 2015
LGBTI activists in Turkey joined the May Day demonstrations in 25 cities and said “LGBTI rights are union rights.” In 2001, LGBTI activists had joined the demonstrations for the first time in the Turkish capital.
Here are the snapshots from the May Day demonstrations all around Turkey:
Adana: Queer Adana activists chanted “I’m a faggot, I’m a trannie, I’m a worker in the factory.”
Afyon: Afyon LGBTI Initiative had its first demo holding a banner that reads “In school, at work, in Afyon, LGBTIs are everywhere.”
Ankara: LGBTI activists in Ankara were the first to join May Day demonstrations in Turkey in 2001. They demand that trade unions be more outspoken on LGBTI rights.
Antakya: Activists from Kaws Kuzah, meaning rainbow in Arabic, had their first demo as an LGBTI initiative.  
Antalya: Pink Caretta LGBTI had a banner with a disk symbol that reads “our sisters are here, too” referring to the words of President Erdogan in a meeting. But “sisters” on the banner means cruising trans sex workers as “disk” and “cruising” are same words in Turkish.
Antep: ZeugMadi LGBTI marched for “work, love and freedom”.
Batman: KeSKeSoR Diyarbakir LGBTI attended a central meeting in Batman with a banner that reads “LGBTI movement is an independent struggle against class society”.
Bursa: Uludag University’s LGBTI student organizations Free Colors said “I’m in Bursa, my dear”, referring to famous Istanbul Pride slogan “where are you, my lover? Here I am, my lover”.
Canakkale: Canakkale LGBT Group: Love is organizing.
Denizli: The PFLAG group in Denizli had their first May Day demonstration.
Dersim: Moon Light LGBTI attended demonstrations both in Batman and in Dersim with Turkish and Zazaki banners.
Edirne: Peoples’ Democratic Party’s LGBTI Coordination: “Workers and faggots hand in hand, for a class revolution”.
Eskisehir: Activists said “what’s a ban?” referring to a famous slogan from Gezi Park protests.
Isparta: LGBTIs in Isparta: “LGBTIs are revolting, we are here!”
Istanbul: Police attacked protestors those who wanted to march to Taksim. About 300 people are arrested.
Izmir: LGBTI activists in Izmir: “A world with no pimps and bosses is possible.”
Kars: Kars Platform against Homophobia and Transphobia joined the May Day meeting with rainbow flags.
Kocaeli: The May Day Committee saluted LGBTI activists stating “We are here for the visibility of LGBTI workers”.
Malatya: Malatya Rainbow LGBTI: “Hand in hand, a sexual class revolution”
Mersin: Mersin 7 Colors LGBTI: “The fire of LGBTIs will burn the capital”.
Nigde: Arrows of Rainbow joined the May Day demonstration for the first time despite of police attacks on protestors.
Sakarya: LGBTIs joined the May Day demonstration for the first time in Sakarya.
Samsun: High School Students Union’s LGBTI group carried rainbow flags.
Tarsus: LGBTarsus joined the May Day demonstration for the first time in Tarsus.
Van: Van Ah Tamara LGBTI joined the May Day demonstration for the first time. 
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