Cyber attack to Kaos GL on Pride Day

Thursday, July 2, 2015
While attacks on 13th Istanbul Pride March were happening, cyber attacks were done on Kaos GL news portal.
During the police attacks in Istiklal Avenue access to was not granted for hours due to dDos attacks.
Talking to bianet, Kaos GL editor Yıldız Tar emphasizing cyber attacks happened simultaneously with police attack on the street expressed that with the attacks on LGBTI’s news portal they attacked freedom for expression and obtainment of information deliberately:
“Cyber attacks on our news portal, Kaos GL, were done while police attacks started yesterday. Cyber attacks kept on a long time and access to the site was banned. At first we thought it was a technical problem but after some correspondences we realized that it was an attack.
“Cyber attacks’ happening simultaneously with intervention to march is meaningful.  It has a meaning that they want to silence LGBTIs’ voices while they were attacking people with gas bombs, saying on the streets ‘LGBTIs will not silence!’, cyber attacks took place.
“Our site could not return to its normal state, this situation blocked us from making news of violation of rights in the street. There was both violence in the street and intervention to freedom for expression.
“We don’t know who did cyber attacks but after access to news portal was blocked, we witnessed Kaos GL’s shown as target and tweets of ‘that’s how we make you silenced’ in social media. We, of course, evidenced all of these.
“We think that it’s a planned attack. They tried to silence us but they could not. Kaos GL keeps releasing just like rainbow flags’ flapping all around yesterday, despite the obscures.
What is dDoS Attack?
dDoS (distributed denial of service) attack is not “hack” attempt, but it means server’s being inaccessible to the server as a result of connecting it from lots of computers.
Translated by Simge Şirin 
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