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“Psychiatrists should create safe environment for children”

Friday, December 18, 2015

Symposium against Discrimination which is dedicated to Psychologist Mahmut Şefik Nil as one of the founders of Kaos GL Associations, ended with the presentation of Dr. Koray Başar.

The 4th Symposium against Discrimination which organized by Kaos GL Association, Turkish Medical Association, Psychiatric Association of Turkey and Health and Social Service Worker Union is now over.

Koray Başar mentioned the dilemma of sexuality as its being torn apart between binary impositions.

In this presentation, Dr.Koray Başar mentioned how physical gender is designated contrast to intersex bodies which is being created according to families’ perspective and gender surgeries.

Who are those non-conforming children?

Başar mentioned the approach of psychiatry in case of displeasure towards to gender and added how wrong attitudes could create bad results:

“American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry warns: ‘The bad affects of treatment towards displeasure of gender should not be forgotten’. Our basic concern as psychiatrists is to create a safe environment for children and consider the factors.”

Parents should not only support their children but also be protective

“Parents’ dilemma is the choice of whether they should support their children or be protective. They think as their children will be desperate in future if they choose to be with them. Children face with the same situation, children think they either have to choose to be themselves or to be seen as a somebody who makes other people happy. Parents should not only support their children but also be protective and children should represent their true identity while satisfying expectations.

“Children face with the issues such as bullying, suicide, risky behaviours, alcohol and substance addiction and sexually transmitted diseases, all alone. Besides that all issues turn to non-conformity to gender and school is left at background.”

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