Kaos GL was in 6 different cities in January

Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Anti-Homophobia Meeting 2016 of the Kaos GL Association got off to a good start in 2016. The Kaos GL organized events in Bandirma, Van, Denizli, Bursa and Istanbul, and was hosted in Nicosia for a panel on the Penal Code of Northern Cyprus.


A coastal county by the Sea of Marmara hosted the first Anti-Homophobia Meeting of the year. In the event co-organized by the Our Children Culture, Art and Nature Association and Kaos GL on January 3, Kaos GL’s Gozde Demirbilek explained the basic LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex) terminology. Following the presentation, participants were encouraged to ask their questions regarding sexual orientation and gender identity, and discussed myths around the issue.


The eastern city was the meeting point for the Kaos GL Social Service Working Group, Van Social Service Workers Association and the social workers in the metropolitan municipality on January 23.

Nazli Gizem Yildirim, Burcu Yamaner and Tarik Simsek of the Working Group talked about “concepts and frequently asked questions about the LGBTI field” and “evaluating social work cases based on knowledge, skills and values.”


“The Media School for Monitoring Human Rights”, planned to take place in 9 different cities, started in the western city on January 16-17. Human rights defender Murat Cekic and editor Yildiz Tar explained news-writing techniques, discrimination, writing about discrimination and monitoring and reporting human rights violations.

The event in Nilufer Municipality’s Campus of Associations was hosted by Bursa Uludag University’s LGBTI group Free Colors and gave the participants an opportunity to write their own news stories.


The second step of the Media School met with the group Denizli LGBTI and Their Families on January 22 in the western city. editor Yildiz Tar focused on the concepts of crime, sin, disease and abnormality -commonly used against LGBTI people in various contexts.

The association that gives free legal consultancy for LGBTI refugees met them in a solidarity dinner in the satellite city on January 22. The following day Denizli LGBTI and Their Families hosted a session to discuss how to visibilize the discrimination that LGBTI refugees face. Around 30 Iranian refugees participated in the session run by Yildiz Tar and human rights defender Murat Cekic.


The third step of the Media School welcomed around 20 correspondents and candidate writers on January 31. editor Yildiz Tar built up a news story together with the participants based on a transphobic hate crime in the event that took place in the Ismail Besikci Foundation.


The Queer Cyprus Association organized a panel marking the second anniversary of repeal of the law criminalizing homosexuality in Northern Cyprus. Journalist Selda İcer, Att. Oncel Polili, artist Huseyin Ozinal and editor Yildiz Tar were the speakers at the event.

*All the events took place with the support of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Royal Norwegian Embassy, Rainbow Solidarité and Open Society Foundation under the scope of Local Meetings Small Grant.

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