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On the grounds of rumors an academician expelled

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Among the many who were expelled by the executive order no: 629, Assistant Professor A. Çağlar Deniz from Uşak University, Sociology department tells his expulsion process: “Even the gender class topics I lectured are included in the investigation”

Çağlar Deniz is a graduate from Islamic Divinity (İmam-Hatip) High-school and Faculty of Theology, a member of Union of Education and Science Workers (Eğitim-Sen) and a PHD holder in sociology. Also engaged in gender classes, Deniz said he was subject to mobbing in the university during 2016-2017 academic year:

“Despite all the mobbing exerted by the university administration in 2017, I find it unnecessary to say that I get a full score from the academic incentive application. Even the concept of 'phallic structure' I mentioned in the course of gender discussions was an investigation.

“I got a lot of support massages and calls from the people who are in different social groups from socialist to conservative, from follower of Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP- Pro-Kurdish party) to Justice and Development Party (AKP- Ruling Party), from Roma people to Kurdish, from religionist to agnostic.

“The only difference, which divides me from thousands of victims by delegated legislation,  is that I have learned about the content of the investigation of the FETO (regarded group who are responsible for military coup in 2016) investigation about the Rector of Uşak University and I have been informed of relevant criminal complaints related to the incident, I have filed a claim for compensation, I have requested an investigation from the Higher Education Board through the channels of the Prime ministry contact center (BİMER)and the Prosecution Office.”

‘The people who would speak on my behalf are not listened’

Deniz on the content of the documents he submitted to the “justice”:

“In the document I have submitted to the Justice, I declare that I cannot be bound up with any cult or sect due to my religious belief. The people who would speak on my behalf are not listened. According to the file revealed by the arrested rector, they asked 4 faculty members about me in the university I worked for 6 years. A professor stated that he could not testify because he does not know me well enough, and the other said he did not know anything about whether I was involved with such organizations as FETO, KCK (Administrative arm without political struggle in Kurdish Movement) etc.”

‘Gay Bars’, ‘Armenian Relocation’, ‘Homosexuality’, ‘National-Moral Values’.

Deniz shared the statements of the other two people that the arrested rector recently employed and with whom he worked only one year. Deniz tells about the statements of Assistant Professor at Uşak University Social Services Department:

“He tells that I did not call him any meetings of the religious group, does not know me well, that we hang out twice and drunk tea and he heard that I went to gay bars. He doesn’t mention who he heard these from. He asserts that I can be a member of KCK and be related to FETO for my interests.”

Deniz talked about this statement: “In the course of his employment in our university this person told me that ‘Rector wants to take him to Sociology department’ because I was the head of the department. I said that I will be against it and his PHD was about in religious sociology – in reality, it is not Sociology of Religion- but there is a disaccord between Theology and Sociology faculties. Now, this person, paradoxically works on religion sociology with his wife, who has same Phd, and also as the thesis supervisors of Phd students in sociology department as member of department. This means that the people who are not in this discipline try to teach sociology for the sociology students.

Mentioning what Usak University Head of Department of Sociology, told about him,- that “he approaches to Armenian relocation in a way that is not compatible with the official discourse, makes propaganda against national-moral values and promotes homosexuality by using his theologian title, and discriminated against two women students as the Erasmus program coordinator,” Deniz adds:

“It is not specified where and when they are said and what they are, how I used my theologian title on national-moral values. As is known, homosexuality is an inborn sexual orientation. I did not understand how I can make propaganda about this. It is not specified about the discrimination, when I was an Erasmus coordinator, who two woman students are and how I did.

“Investigation claims that are no better than gossip”

Deniz replied to these assertions: "It is a shame for -let alone a sociology professor- even a sociology student to put forward these claims. Sociology stands far from hetero-maschist discourse more than anything. He obviously defames not only me but also the students who join the abroad internship mobility by achieving the necessary exams and completing the related procedures. These two people, who are regarded as testimonies to the rumors they produce, will unfortunately teach the students of the Sociology Department of Usak University.”

‘With these two absurd, rumored, so-called testimonies that do not involve a bit of knowledge on whether I am a terrorist (!), I was brought to the medium-level suspect from the low-level suspect by the FETÖ investigation commission.”

“The rector, who was later arrested by FETO lawsuit, also sent this file to the file of another inquiry about me. I was informed about that when I went to Council of Higher Education (YÖK) to get the files from the process.”

"They are involved in the investigation by abusing their authorities"

"The students who will give a positive testimony about me are scared by giving the name of the Vice-Chancellor of the Rector to the President of Uşak University Sociology Department personally. Students who are threatened with their lessons, grades and their motives are trying to be scared even to express this situation. The fact that the Rector's attorney is not aware of such an incident is unimaginable. These persons are involved in the proceeding of the investigation abusing their authorities. In a normal system, what is to be done in this case is certain. They are taken from the office for the objectivity of their investigations.”

‘Someone is surely being fooled’

Deniz, after stating that he will file a criminal complaint against the people “gossiping” about him, went on to explain the situation:

“At a time when I’m being made to feel like Dreyfus, also explained by Arendt in her “Banality of Evil” theory; I would like to thank my family, students and friends for supporting me in overcoming this unfairness, for standing by the truth in the face of threats, and for lending me a hand to put righteousness and justice to their rightful places. Looking at the decision that has been made about me, I sense that a certain someone is being sorely fooled at the moment."

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