Human Rights / Labour

Statement of Turkish Gay and Lesbian Labour Network

Monday, November 1, 2004
The problems of Gay & Lesbian workers and civil servants and their trade union based struggle have always been in the agenda of KAOS GL. One can clearly clarify this matter when (s)he covers the archives of KAOS GL and its work on the visibility of Gay & Lesbians in public places . One of the gay founders of KAOS GL is still a member of a trade union and that's why we have developed our knowledge and experience on trade unions and their activities. Besides, although most of the participants of KAOS GL are students, there have been a lot of workers and civil servants, too. Throughout the history of KAOS GL, commencing from its foundation, we have realised that there is a "Gay & Lesbian Workers Section" in some of the overseas Trade Unions. We believe it
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