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Erbaydar and Candansayar are in Wednesday Workshops

Friday, October 14, 2011
The topics ‘Sexual Rights and Heterosexist Morality’ and ‘Who Questions The Causes Of Homosexuality and Why?’ is going to be discussed in Wednesday Workshops. 
‘Wednesday Workshops’ continues with Tuğrul Erbaydar and Selçuk Candansayar.
On 19th of October, Associate Professor Tuğrul Erbaydar from Ankara University Medical Faculty and on 26th of October Professor Doctor Selçuk Candansayar from Gazi University Medical Faculty are going to be in Wednesday Workshops in Kaos Culture Center.
In the first workshop of October, Elif Ceylan Özsoy, a legal advisor of Kaos GL Magazine, make her presentation titled ‘Discourse of Hate and Hate Crimes’.
Attorney Özsoy, elucidated hate crimes and different methods in hate crimes legislation. After the workshop, Kaos GL will soon publish a document on ‘hate crimes’
At 18:30 On Wednesdays!
Kaos GL holds the ‘Wednesday Workshops’ on every Wednesday at 18:30 in Kaos Culture Center.
Kaos GL holds the workshops to review what they know, learn together and share what they learn with the contributions of the experts and determines the schedule based on fields of study and struggle.
Kaos GL invites everybody to participate and contribute the workshops and plans to evolve the ‘Wednesday Workshops’ to Kaos Academy.
19 October 2011 Wednesday, at 18:30, Kaos Culture Center
”Associate Professor Doctor Tuğrul Erbaydar, ‘Sexual Rights and Heterosexist Morality’
26 October Wednesday, at 18:30, Kaos Culture Center
Professor Doctor Selçuk Candansayar, ‘Who Questions The Causes of Homosexuality and Why?’
Kaos Culture Center
GMK Boulevard, 29/12, Demirtepe/Kızılay-Ankara
0312 230 0358 / 12
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